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Brand Story

The "Happy Bunny" that accompanies the growth of young people

Guangzhou JHteam Trading Co., Ltd.  

The source of the "Shanle" brand: the "happy rabbit" that accompanies the growth of young people


At the World Peace Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition in Japan, a painting has attracted much attention: a happy bunny dancing and singing happily in front of the famous sceneries in Guangzhou, Xiaomanyao and the arcade. This painting named "Happy Bunny" was made by a 14-year-old girl. Lele's hand.


Lele is a poor student sponsored by Jianghetian Company and lives with his grandmother in the mountainous area of ​​Meizhou. Although living in poverty, she is still optimistic, cheerful, diligent and studious. Later, Lele went to live with her parents in Guangzhou. The unfamiliar urban environment and language barrier made Lele feel uncomfortable. She has always been lively and cheerful, and she became introverted and reticent.


Feeling lonely, Lele turned out the previous picture album, and inside it was a little rabbit that she had painted before, looking at her with big clever eyes, as if cheering for her and reminding her of her childhood happiness. Lele regained his confidence and led the "happy rabbits" through the streets of Guangzhou with his pen and painted them into exquisite paintings. Lele has also received the attention and appreciation of teachers and classmates, and has become a star shining on campus.


After learning about Lele's story, the founder of Janghetian was deeply moved. Young people are related to the development and destiny of a country. As a social citizen, enterprises should care about and help the growth of young people. Therefore, Jianghetian decided to spread Lele’s experience and the positive energy represented by it. Under the brand name of “Shanle” and adhering to the spirit of “I shine, I am happy”, it develops and produces mid-to-high-end creative stickers and artistic hands. With innovative, ever-changing, colorful, environmentally friendly, and safe product features, such cultural and creative products, it meets the interests and consumption needs of young people, gives young people a good company to grow up, and helps them record and express their emotions and cultivate artistic sentiment. Make good friends, add shining color and happiness to the best and worry-free years of life, and promote the physical and mental health of young people.

1999 year

JHteam Trading was established

20 year

Focus on commerce and export


Production Base

8 Piece

Licensing and own brand

Company Culture

Update, create new things, change

Guangzhou JHteam Trading Co., Ltd.  
Corporate values

Corporate values

Values Hundreds of virtues and filial piety first

Filial piety is above all virtues. This means that we will believe that "filial piety" is the foundation for cultivating good conduct, starting a career, and laying a foundation; this means that we will use "filial piety" to repay the society and fulfill the responsibilities of a social citizen"; this means that we will use "filial piety" "As the standard, select partners and recruit employees.

Historical Mission

Historical Mission

Historical mission to create a platform for more people to realize their beautiful dreams

Build a platform through which many people can realize their dreams;

Help customers get huge profits (realize customers' dreams);

Establish a platform for employees to chase their dreams (realize employees' dreams);

Create a personalized and creative life for the society (realize consumers' dreams)

Corporate Vision

Corporate Vision

Corporate vision has become the fastest way for creativity to transform wealth.

We are willing to become a bridge to provide a way to transfer all sparkling ideas, realize wealth return at the fastest speed, and realize a better life!

In order to realize this vision

We will:

Continuously innovate and provide products that meet the different needs of customers;

Show the "beauty of creation" and become a representative of personalized life;

Improve efficiency, develop business quickly, and achieve scale effect;

Establish your own brand, become the most well-known and most reputable enterprise in the boutique industry, and provide customers with ideal returns;

Establish the best talent team in the industry and provide them with good development space and competitive salary.