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The category of the hand account sticker?

The surface materials used in hand-account stickers mainly include molded paper, wood grain paper, coated paper, coated paper (shading/mirror), transparent PVC, static PVC, polyester PET, laser paper, heat-resistant paper, PP, PC, kraft paper, fluorescent paper, thermal paper, copper wire dragon, silver wire dragon, gold-plated paper, silver-plated paper, synthetic paper (CPC/PP/HYL/excellent anti-counterfeiting foil/pearl paper), skirt paper, aluminum paper, skirt paper, pearl paper, sandwich copperplate, thermal paper.


Sanrio sticker is online ~

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Introduction of hand account sticker

Hand account sticker we can see from its name this product is used to do, this product is also after continuous improvement of the function of more and more, in order to let more people familiar with it, the next small series for everyone to introduce hand account sticker some of its basic information.


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